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2 pcs round Ivory Wax LED Candle

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Create a Glow with an LED Candle

Enjoy the glow of a candle without the mess or hazard. These charming ivory LED candles are powered by batteries and yet they look just like the real thing. Ideal for unused fireplaces, kitchen tables or anywhere that could benefit from a warm glow

LED Candles for your Wedding

Loved by wedding planners, these handy led candle light balls are the perfect choice for a wedding, giving the organisers one less thing to worry about. Light up both indoor and outdoor tables as well as bar areas, food areas and in fact any area you like! These simple ivory lights look just like real wax whilst the natural ivory shade will combine perfectly with any existing colour theme.

LED Candles- So Simple to Use!

These candles couldn't be easier to use. With batteries already supplied and fitted, simply pull out the battery protector cap and turn on, enjoying 150 hours of light before the batteries need changing.

Height : 2"
Diameter : 2.5"
Batteries type : 1 cr2032 battery - included
LED color : Ivory
Color : Ivory
Battery life : 150h