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Sharing What You Love (Akhlaaq Building Series)

Ali doesn’t want to share his new bike, but soon realizes it’s more fun when you share what you love.

Studying Hard (Akhlaaq Building Series)

Good study habits get good results. Learn to study well and the results will com

Helping Others (Akhlaaq Building Series)

Ali like most young boys likes to run around, but sometimes he falls over and hurts himself.

Lucky for Ali he has a caring big sister in Saaliha who helps him in so many ways.

Keeping Promises (Akhlaaq Building Series)

Saaliha promises her friend Mariam that she will come to her house to study,

when her other friend Zarina invites her to come and play with her new doll house.

It’s not always easy to keep promises, but Saaliha does, and her friends love that about her.

Akhlaaq Building Series - Respecting Your Mother
Be good to your mother and father and Allah will give you the best of rewards

Akhlaaq Building Series - Caring For Orphans
The orphans were so happy that Saaliha and Ali had come to visit them. Now Saaliha and Ali have new friends.
Akhlaaq Building Series - Controlling Your Anger
Controlling Your Anger isn't that difficult, Saaliha does and you can too.
Akhlaaq Building Series - Forgiving Others
Ali's friend Faisal shows him that good friends always forgive each other.