An Nasihah Islamic Curriculum Coursebook 6 (Girl)
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An Nasihah Islamic Curriculum Coursebook 6 (Girl)

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A Nasihah Publications presents this long-awaited, fun, and engaging Islamic Curriculum. Spanning over 8 years, these books have been designed specifically for the young Muslims of today.

Learning has been made easy and enjoyable through an all-in-one coursebook with colorful illustrations and inspiring stories whilst maintaining a child-friendly approach to create a better understanding. 

Important topics have been selected from the subjects of Islamic Jurisprudence, the life and Sayings of our beloved Messenger Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi wa Sallam, historical anecdotes, essential beliefs, mannerisms, and social etiquettes all relevant to the age and needs of the child.

Corresponding workbooks with differentiated activities consolidate the pupil's learning. Involving them by setting tasks using Bloom's taxonomy, a proven method of assessing and measuring a child's progress and attainment.

In addition to this a unique Surah and dua book for the child to memorize and revise with ease.

Fully referenced from authentic sources and verified by senior scholars.