My Daughters
My Daughters
My Daughters

My Daughters

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My Daughters
My Lord has bestowed Ghada, Assia, Nora, and Ladan upon me. it is through them all that I am capable of being appreciated with a heart that is devoid of mercy, happiness, or emotions, indeed, they are the genuine extension of that warm root to my mother, whose beautiful name is Nora which I am so grateful, after my gratitude to my lord: Like a gentle shade, she constantly embraced and overwhelmed me with her affection. she imbued me with much of her life, spirit, blood, and language. had I not gone through the wonderful school of my mother, I would in no way have savored the sweetness of hope, satisfaction, and beauty.

Does it stand to reason to phrase eloquent introductions on women's rights and their status in Islam, while we fall too short to put that into practice in our daily life at home, at school, in the market, or in the mosque?


Table of Contents :


  1. My Daughter
  2. But for You
  3. Son of the Woman
  4. A Teenage Girl
  5. A Melancholic Girl
  6. I Dont Like School
  7. Successful Girl
  8. Is Fasion Prohibited
  9. Marriage and Love
  10. Marital Love
  11. A Woman in the Crossfire
  12. Before the Farewell
  13. ......