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Gateway To Arabic Book 3

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Book Three offers a step-by-step approach to learning past and present tense verbs, with plenty of opportunity for practice. Each point of grammar is reinforced through sample conversations that offer the student the chance to use the language in a meaningful context and develop confidence in self-expression.

This book covers:

  •   Over 60 past and present tense verbs
  • The imperative and negative imperative
  • The nominative, accusative and genitive cases, including the genitive of possession (idafa)
  • Comparative and superlative adjectives
  • Attached and detached pronouns
  • Word roots and word patterns
  • Cardinal numbers from 1 to 19 and ordinal numbers from 1 to 10, and the rules governing their usage
  • Prepositions
  • Dialogue practice
  • A comprehensive listing of the nouns used in the book, together with their plural forms
  • A list of the past tense verbs used in the book, together with their present tense forms