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My Salah Chart

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This salah chart has been carefully created (by a mum) to help fellow parents like you who are facing the following dilemma…How can I get my kids to remember to pray without nagging or telling them off?

Each Salah Chart contains:

• 1 large A3 size glossy wall chart
• 96 reusable salah and wudu stickers
• instruction sheet with tips and guidelines

How to use the Salah Chart
Depending on your child’s age set a realistic target number of salah they should pray in a week. The chart is wipeable so you can personalize the target for your child each week. Place a salah timetable in their bedroom to help them remember the salah times. You will probably need to remind them as well. Each time they do their wudu and perform their salah they a place a sticker on the chart. They will be motivated when they see their chart filling up with stickers.

Having the chart in the room will help them to remember to pray and check if they have forgotten to pray. To keep your children motivated agree on a special treat they will get if they achieve their target, re-member the goal is to be positive and help them take responsibility for their salah. At the end of the week they can put the stickers back on the sticker sheet and you can set them a new target and use the reward chart all over again.