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•Noor Kids Go to Hajj

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In the first story, In Allah’s Orbit, Asad draws a parallel between the planets rotating around the sun with pilgrims doing Tawaaf around the Kaa’ba – internalizing a belief that Allah (SWT) is the center of our lives.

In the second story, Lost & Found, Amira learns about the power of prayer as she asks for Allah (SWT) for help when she is lost – taking a page from the story of Lady Hajar and Baby Ismail in Mecca.

This book also features an Islamic Invention, a spotlight on the Cave of Hira, a recipe from Chef Yvonne from MyHalalKitchen & much more!

Author: Amin G. Aaser
Published: November 2011
Location: Maple Grove, MN
Page Count: 28
Ages: 3-8