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Noor Kids Stand Up to Bullying

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All that's necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing," says Superman. Upon reading such a bold statement, thoughts commonly go to infamous evildoers, such as Saddam or Hitler. However, oppression occurs closer to home. Ask any child who has been bruised by a bully.

A United States special task force on bullying cites that 1-in-4 children experience verbal, physical, or cyber bullying during the average school year. Such events can lead to depressive tendencies, making a child less likely to succeed academically or socially. So how should a child stand up to a bully?

With help – from bystanders and from Allah (SWT). As society members, each of us has a responsibility to help the oppressed. Our Prophet (SAW) notes that those who hear a call for help, and do not respond, are not considered believers. Further, Allah (SWT) promises his own justice, stating that whoever performs an atom’s weight of good or of evil will be compensated for it (99:7-8).

In this book, we seek to motivate children to take a stand, championing for the fair treatment of others. We do this by: (a) illustrating the significance of enjoining in good and forbidding evil, and (b) sharing practical examples of God’s promise that each action – whether good or evil – will result in an equitable effect.