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Sharing What You Love (Akhlaaq Building Series)

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Sharing What you Love (Akhlaaq Building Series -Manners and Charters)

Following the Akhlaaq of RASUlUllAh(PBUH)

Akhlaaq Building For Kids Series, featuring Saaliha & her younger brother Ali. This series inspires children to develop good Manners through fun stories involving children like themselves. HELPING OTHERS Ali is blessed to have a caring big sister like Saaliha, she helps him in so many ways. 24 pages Full Color Ages 3yrs - 8yrs

This Series of books teaches children:

-how to practice good Akhlaaq (manners) in their daily life
-to know and recognioze good values from an early age
-To share the same moral understanding and values as the prophet Muhammad (PBUH)