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Taqwa Building& Iman Building Series-Both Set

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Allah Loves me more:

Heba finds a sad cat in the park and takes it home, looking after it and loving it so much. Heba doesn't believe that anyone could love anything more than she loves her cat.

But her father shows Heba how Allah's love for his creations is even greater, and that Allah loves us more.

Allah Blesses Me:

Khadijah and Umar love to visit their Uncle Farooq. He may have been born blind, but Allah has blessed him in many other ways.

Uncle Farooq is an amazing man and surprises both both children with what he can do. Khadijah and Umar learn how we should all be grateful for the many ways that Allah blesses us.

Allah Protects Me:

When Maryam wakes up from her afternoon nap and can’t find her mother anywhere, she becomes scared as she thinks she is all alone in the house.

Her mother reassures her that she is never alone and that Allah is always there to protect her.

Allah Is The Best Of Planners:

Fatima and Yaseen’s father tells them an old story about the King and his best friend Hamza. The King accidentally cuts his finger whilst eating an apple.
Most people would think this is a bad thing, but it actually turns out to be a good thing for both Hamza and the King, showing Fatima & Yaseen that Allah is the best of planners.

Say Bismillah,

Abdul can’t wait to eat one of Yasmeen’s fresh donuts, but does so without saying “Bismillah” and nearly chokes.

Abdul then learns about the importance of saying “Bismillah” before we start anything.

Say Insha’Allah,

Abdul gets frustrated with his big sister Yasmeen who won’t promise to take him to the park omorrow, she just keeps on saying “Insha Allah.”

Abdul soons learns why Yasmeen says Insha Allah and why it is important to do so.

Say Assalamu Alaikum,

Giving Salaam – saying “Assalamu Alaikum” is the practice of a Muslim. However Abdul doesn’t know this when he and his sister Yasmeen meet Yasmeen’s teacher on the way to their friend’s house.

Abdul soon finds out about giving Salams and loves saying it everywhere he

Say Alhamdulillah,

Big sister Yasmeen tries to tell Abdul about saying “Alhamdulillah” when he gets a new toy car, but Abdul is more interested in playing with his new toy,

Abdul soon learns all about thanking Allah for all the blessings we receive.